Capstone Financial today announced the launch Capstone Fund Five, a Real Estate Deed of Trust Investment Fund. As a trust deed investment company, Capstone Financial identifies high-quality real estate lending opportunities, enables investors to fund these secured loans, and manages the entire process from application through repayment. Because our loans typically fund projects that require special handling, our investments deliver above-market returns – at relatively low risk.
Decide to invest in trust deeds with Capstone Financial, and you will have several options:
Option 1: Funding a Single Trust Deed
• Capstone manages the entire process for you, paying your interest to you on a monthly basis
• At the end of the loan term (or in the event of prepayment), Capstone manages the return of your capital to you (or reinvestment into a new loan if you prefer)
Option 2: Investing in a Fractional Deed
• You choose the fractionalized opportunity that best fits your
• investment preferences
– Interest rate
– Percentage interest available
– Loan term
– Location, project type, borrower
– First or second deed of trust
• Capstone manages the entire process for you and the other fractional participants in the deed, paying your interest to you monthly
• At the end of the loan term (or in the event of prepayment), Capstone manages the return of your capital to you (or reinvestment if you prefer)
Option 3: Mortgage Pool
Like mutual funds, Capstone’s mortgage pools offer greater diversification through collective investment in a portfolio of many trust deeds
• The relatively low risk of trust deeds investing is reduced further by spreading investments across many loans
Capstone Financial manages the pools – continuously investing funds into quality real estate loans
• Investors are paid a monthly yield – which can also be automatically reinvested like a dividend
• Minimum investment of $25,000 – must remain in the fund for at least a year
– Lower starting investment may be possible for certain retirement or education savings accounts
Loans have been arranged by Capstone Financial and the individual promissory notes and deeds of trust that secure those notes have been held by our investors. Trust deeds create a security interest in real estate for the repayment of loans. Like senior mortgages, first trust deeds enjoy a priority position over other encumbrances on the property and Capstone’s trust deeds have conservative Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios – resulting in a protective equity cushion for our investors. Investors also have the ability to self-select those trust deeds in which they would like to invest. As a result, investments in Capstone Fund Five provide investors with the opportunity to earn 7% to 9% annualized returns with a cushion to help preserve the investor’s principal investment against market fluctuations or potential borrower defaults.
About Capstone Financial:
Tyler Stone founded Capstone Financial in 2010. Capstone Financial is a subsidiary of Capstone Private Mortgage Company, a company founded by an experienced team of real estate and finance professionals. Capstone Financial was created to help real estate investors take advantage of opportunities as emerging real estate markets recover and stabilize post-recession. For more information, please visit
Contact Information:
Tyler Stone
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