Raviv Dozetas Wins Accolade for Best Design

It has been a long cherished dream to have a link the Peel Park and The Crescent (A6) with the help of a bridge. For some reasons, the project was put on the back burner for a long time. However, the dream is soon going to be a reality. A graduate in Architectural Design and Technology, Raviv Dozetas has designed the link bridge between Peel Park and The Crescent (A6). The 37 years old man is a Property Director and also a Blogger. Raviv Dozetas has formed a team with other civil graduates for this mission. The other graduates are Jibran Hussain, 22, from Nelson, Lancashire and Hassan Sohail, 24. The three of them have entered the field of construction and have attained immense popularity in a very short time among the people in the construction field. The team has applied all its knowledge in this field and has come up with the latest technologies in construction business. This team has designed the link bridge and the plan has also been approved by the Salford City Council.

This bridge is seen as a link between the old traditions and the new technology that would bring people together and connect different communities and bring a positive change in the lives of the people. There are a lot of sentiments attached to the bridge and therefore it is no more a structure that just passes over the water. The bridge has been designed with strobes of light that would beam from it, which would make it possible for the people to see the bridge from a considerable distance even in the night. According to Raviv, the inspiration for this suspension bridge has come from Santiago Calatrava, who is a legendary Spanish architect. Raviv also claims that he has also been inspired by MediaCityUK. Raviv and team first checked for the depth of the river, transformation of the park by the new access and other aspects of the park before designing the bridge. The team has also conducted a careful analysis on how the bridge could be supported at the side of the road.

Raviv Dozetas has also won an award for best design for this link bridge. The reason why Raviv has chosen Salford for his Master’s degree is that it one among the top three in the country to offer this subject. It was during this time that Raviv designed the futuristic bridge and was sent to the City Council. Though it took some time for them to respond, the project is finally going to kick off.

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