Production quality requirement of color coated steel coil

Color coated steel coil is an indispensable building material in modern industrial and agricultural fields, thus people’s requirement on its quality becomes higher and higher. Generally, factories or workshops engaging in industrial production stress the idea of using less material to ensure high quality. However, during production and use process, there are various factors influencing the quality of color coated steel coil. Here CAMELSTEEL briefly introduce some matters needing attention during use process.
1.The bold head to fix color coated steel coil shall be sealed with matters with stronger waterproofness, so as to avoid rust due to rainwater infiltration.
2.It is forbidden to use cutting machine to cut color coated steel coil, otherwise hot metal powder which generated during cut will stick to color coated steel coil and leads to rust. The surface of color coated steel coil shall be cleaned up with soft cleaning rag after installation.
3.Color coated steel coil shall be used under normal climate conditions. The gradient of color coated steel coil serving for roof shall be no less than 10 degrees.

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