Title: New cryptocurrency to hit the market, Has the capability to change the way everything functions.

Here we are referring to a new digital asset that is all set to hit the financial markets later this year. This revolutionary coin is called the MCX coin. What makes it different from all the other coins is the incorporation of cutting edge technology in its present work structure. MCX coin is spearheading the technological changes being made to the blockchain. Also futuristic advancements like the hybrid coin and volatility management system are the brain child of MCX. Further the underlying advantages of the MCX coin shall be discussed in this article.
Volatility management:
High volatility is one the biggest disadvantages of cryptocurrencies. It hinders the growth of your digital asset from becoming a means of storage and exchange on the global market. Seasoned traders may get high profits from major exchange margins, yet the risks pertaining of fluctuations in the market scare even the seasoned users and this takes the businesses away from cryptocurrencies. MCX coin manages this in its own unique way, providing its users the peace of a owning a stable cryptocurrency, which is acceptable worldwide.

Hybrid Coin:

MCX coin is one of the first few coins that have the capability to incorporate the hybrid technology, this technology enables the MCX coin to work on both the principles of Proof of stake and proof of work in turn Helping the traders, customers and miners. Making MCX coin a stable entity. Further their powerful blockchain will run the most complex transactions from the stock and commodity markets and give them a transparent, secure and stable foothold by reducing the fluctuating market. MCX coin will make the transfer easier and help miners and traders to earn rewards by solving the blocks, In turn making the hash algorithm stronger.

Powerful blockchain:
MCX offers the strongest blockchain in the business which has the capacity to help other coins operate on the same blockchain. Being one of the most secure platforms for a cryptocurrency, which is safe, secure and completely transparent. What makes this blockchain unique is the technology that handles POW and POS simultaneously making all the transactions seamless.
These are some of the features that make the MCX coin a great contender in the ever evolving ball game of cryptocurrencies. Giving it the foot hold and trust that it needs to be a game changer in this game.

Title: A cryptocurrency with a different agenda!!

MCX coin in its time would be the most stable cryptocurrency. This is because of the unique features that have been incorporated like the volatility management system, an ever evolving algorithm, strong blockchain and a hybrid coin. Apart from all this the MCX coin has technologically designed threshold that will not let the price of the coin drop drastically even if the market has great fluctuation, In turn bringing stability to the markets itself. The markets are somewhat plagued by a stagnant work structure. MCX believes to bring stability to the market by providing a stable blockchain platform to a market that is unpredictable. With the blockchain we can decentralize the structure handing the control to the users and traders. The technology that has been developed by the MCX coin is stable enough that it will make a considerable difference in the markets which will be noticed and appreciated globally, making the coin sort after by just the word of mouth. But this is not the basis of the argument in question. We will provide a global platform that will automatically bring a change in the present market making the MCX blockchain a standardized way to make transaction for the commodity market and financial markets. The major vision we have is to transform the market to use the blockchain technology for a better work structure and provide transparency in the system. This will curb the growth of illegitimate methods that have been incorporated in the system through the loopholes that people take advantage of making the market risky. These sorts of practices are condemned by MCX who wish to provide a safer and transparent work structure. In turn increasing the investment in MCX and creating a far more stable market standing for itself.