Alamo Heights, TX/ 2017: Teenage is that tender age the impressions of which stay along for lifetime. In this phase of their lives teenagers are in constant search of their conscious selves. All they need is somebody to talk, to listen and to counsel them. Mr. Brent Wheeler who practices in Austin and San Antonio has been recommended by many of his patients who have been through counselling under him.

About Mr. Brent Wheeler –

Mr. Brent Wheeler is a Licensed Professional counsellor and school psychologist who practices at Brent Wheeler Therapy at Alamo Heights, TX. He completed his doctoral internship in school psychology at Lewisville ISD and has worked with various rehabilitation centers and hospitals.

Tête-à-tête With Brent –

He guides and directs teenagers on one to one basis. He has helped scores of teenagers to confront anxiety problems and handle the emotional baggage. Teenagers showed remarkable improvement after counselling and were gushed up with feelings of enthusiasm and high self-esteem.

Problems a Teenager Might Undergo –

Emotional Trauma

Lesser Peer Recognition

Poor Grades

Problem in communicating with parents and seniors.


Together we can –

Mr. Brent Wheeler completely believes in this and helps his patients paint a rosy picture of their lives by counselling them. Counselling can help them regain their lost confidence and provide a right track to solve their problems. He also holds joint sessions with parents to sensitize them about the problem their child faces and the measures that can be taken. He also provides specialized counselling to couples facing trouble in their married lives or in parenting.

If you too are looking for a counselor then Mr. Brent Wheeler is just the right person. For an appointment with the expert, visit 4940 Broadway, St #225, Alamo Heights, TX 78209 or call at (210) 409 – 7777. For more information log on to