Smart Embedded Systems (SES) to demonstrate 9600/1200 BPS modem for HART Instruments at FieldComm Group end user meeting (October 16) in Long Beach California

Fremont, CA USA – October 9, 2017 – Smart Embedded Systems (, located in Silicon Valley, California, USA and ProComSol, Ltd (, one of the industry leaders in providing communication solutions, located in Lakewood, Ohio, recently announced their strategic and business partnership to offer state of the art communication products for the process industry. As a continuation of this partnership, SES and ProComSol will be showing a working 9600/1200 bps HART modem along with HART 7.0 stack implemented on a single TI (Texas Instruments) MSP 430 microcontroller. Smart Embedded Systems (SES) has developed a firmware based HART PSK and FSK modem to complement their HART 7 compliant communication stack. According to Jeffrey Dobos, President of ProComSol, Ltd, “Today, all HART devices operate at 1200 bps and there has not been significant advancement in the speed for physical layer communication for the past 20 years. With SES’s offering of the PSK modem, the process industry is about to grow with new applications that were not possible with earlier 1200 bps modems.”

ProComSol plans to show a demo of the SES 9600/1200 BPS modem at the end user meeting organized by FieldComm Group which is scheduled for October 16th in Long Beach, California. ProComSol brings over 10 years’ experience developing and marketing HART technology to the process industry. “With their positioning and experience in automation market, we are looking forward to working with ProComSol to enable more customers to adopt higher speed modem designs for their present and future needs” according to Baldev Krishan Ph.D., CEO of SES.
“Another benefit of firmware based HART modem is that the HART device can be designed with 1200 BPS modem and that firmware can be upgraded with 9600 bps capability in the future. In this way the customer can implement 1200 bps design today and pay for the 9600 bps only when needed in the future. No new hardware would be needed.”

In addition, with SES certified HART stack and modem solution, the instrument developer can focus on their core competence of providing new and advanced product features. Since there is no HART learning curve for the engineering staff, the instrument can get to market faster, at a lower cost.

The SES HART firmware modem (Soft modem) and HART 7 stack help instrument developers in many ways. Benefits include faster development time, lower development cost, smaller component footprint, lower power needs, and easy upgrades.

Additionally, the PSK soft modem communicates at 9600 baud. This is 8 times faster than the traditional 1200 baud FSK HART modem. End users would appreciate faster device commission times, and faster PV and status updates. With the SES Soft Modem, Instrument developers can now easily implement both PSK and FSK communications in the same instrument.

Smart Embedded Systems, Inc., based in Silicon Valley, California was founded in 2012 by two high-tech entrepreneurs (Baldev Krishan and Pran Haran) with over 30+ years of experience in business and product management. The company is the first to offer a Soft HART Modem which is patented and designed for use on a single microcontroller. We also offer customization services for our solutions. In addition, we have a team of highly skilled engineers to provide services to businesses seeking additional development resources needed for hardware, software, firmware, and device driver development. We have expertise and experience in product development in the biometrics, industrial control, automobile, medical devices, wearables, communication/networking protocols, and consumer electronics markets.

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