Documentation for legal purposes can be a great deterrent to approaching justice and Legal Resolved, a certified aggregator platform for legal service delivery, strives to dispel this through launching Start Contract, an online platform that undertakes the various nitty- grities of legal documentation.
Start Contract comes as a torchbearer in the arena of online contract management, a concept that is only beginning to spread its roots in Indian business scenario, and purports to spread awareness amongst businesses regarding the benefits of online management of all contractual data. The platform is a veritable combination of versatile features and services, all which can be availed by clients in a customized package depending on the plan they choose.
The Features in brief include:
Ø E-Sign

Ø PDF Editing

Ø Notifications

Ø Two Factor Authentication

Ø Number of users

Ø Encryption at Rest and in Transit

Ø Cloud Storage for 24X7 access

Ø Advanced Reports

Ø Tags

The services provided by the platform are as follows:
· Central Repository

· Drafting of Contracts

· Templates for standard contracts

· Contract Review by Lawyers

On the announcement, Shant Berwal, CEO and Founder, Legal Resolved, said “We are delighted to expand the reach of our services, through launching Start Contract. Legal Resolved has devoted meticulous efforts in developing a robust online platform to take legal consultation towards a digital revolution and the addition of Start Contract to our coterie adds to the cause”. He further added “Start Contract eliminates the requirement of paperwork in relation to any contract, by providing a mechanism wherein all procedures can be commenced and completed online, from the point of drafting and review to collecting signatures and storing on a database accessible to select persons. An unmatched level of efficiency in consultation is waiting to be unearthed and we intend to ride that storm of change”