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Football Shirts
Football shirt in the beginning was thick and it was made from cotton. In the recent times, it is produced from synthetic fibers and also it is light in weight to wear. It has also transformed into a colorful form with a variety of designs. A football shirt will have a unique number representing the player who is wearing it. The number shows the playing position of the player which may also vary at times. Sometimes, the player’s surname or nickname will also printed above or below the number. In the recent times, the shirts have been printed with the logos of their sponsors.

When coming to boots, it has also seen a drastic change. The game started with the heavy boots made of leather which was also rigid. Later the boots turned into lighter and softer. Shorts have reduced in length and it replaces the knickerbockers now. Knickerbockers are a type of baggy-kneed trousers. This was also being worn at ankle length in the past.

About Corner League
Corner League allows customers to purchase the 2018 official football shirts and Jerseys at the best price. They also sell replica football shirts, kids’ products and kits of International team and clubs. They contain the products of all major teams and the clubs. The shirts are all new and are 2018 designs. Wherever their customer may be, they have a worldwide shipping facility. Also, when bought for more than 90 Euro, they offer free shipping. The store has SSL secure connection and for any question, they have 24/7 online support. To know more details about football shirts, visit

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