Feeding India Celebrates World Food Week from October 9-16

Feeding India, a not for profit, social enterprise is hosting ‘World Food Week’ from 9th October to 16thOctober 2017. The aim of World Food Week is to put a stop to massive food loss happening in India and use this excess food to fight hunger by feeding people in need. With support from various stakeholders, Magic Truck, the food distribution vehicles of Feeding India will be set up in different cities of the country that will collect and distribute excess food and provide food support to 25,000 beneficiaries regularly for a year. Register your support by giving a missed call on +91 8088704747. You can also identify stakeholders and submit their details by visiting: https://goo.gl/pGt1y5.

The movement encourages people from all parts of the society ie. every citizen and organization to come forward and commit their support towards solving food wastage and hunger for the next one year. The end goal is to start each city’s very own vehicle to donate food to the needy all year round.

What: World Food Week by Feeding India

Where: +91 8088704747

When: 9th to 16th Oct

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