After a year’s worth of planning, the annual [2017 KungShen Wangye’s Salt of Peace Festival], a joint collaboration between the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Office of Management (hereinafter referred to as SWCoast Management Office) and the Nankunshen Temple will take place on November 11th through November 12th in Nankunshen Temple. Entering KungShen Wangye’s Salt of Peace Festival’s 14th year, this is the first collaboration between the SWCoast Management Office and Nakunshen Temple in two years. Undoubtedly, this event will be infused with new and different elements, making it more remarkable and exuberant though governmental support. As autumn and winter of 2017 draws near, don’t forget to plan a trip to the southwest coast, we sincerely welcome you to come and experience the white elegant visual feast.
Director Zhen-Neng Xu of the SWCoast Management Office indicated, KungShen Wangye’s Salt of Peace Festival has become a custom that that has been established over the years. Specifically, it has become one of the most iconic and distinctive events. Chifuqiansui, the second Wangye of the Plague Gods, is the main character and the base of primary visual design in this year’s Salt of Peace Festival. Every image design, including the very sought-after Salt of Peace Drawstring Pouch (in previous years), is based on “chifuqiansui.” Those who love chifuqiansui surely can’t miss it! Aside from continuing classic events such as the popular Blessing Ceremony, Bobei Competition (throwing divining blocks), stage activities, and Southwest Coast Food and Gifts, there are more events this year. The innovative [Safe Milk Salt Soap] and [Colored Salt Happiness] are events specially designed for attendees to a do-it-yourself experience. With the master’s blessing of salted personal DIY products, attendees will be safe having these products by their side. Director Zhen-Neng Xu welcomes everyone, no matter age or ethnicity, from young to old, to experience the [2017 KungShen Wangye’s Salt of Peace Festival]. Welcoming the Salt Festival Together, Be Safe Together!
As one of the organizers, Nankunshen Temple’s Executive Secretary Xian-Xun Hou noted that in order to increase the content variety of the events and to allow the public to enjoy the unique folk-art performances from the coastal area, they’ve invited Jin-Hu Elementary School to gather junior high school and elementary school students from Yun-Lin County, Chia-Yi County, and Tainan City, to bring the audience an exciting show. Students’ hard work will shine through in the [Salt of Peace Festival], with a performance that will give the audience a visual and auditory sensation unlike any other. Executive Secretary Xian-Xun Hou further addressed that besides the [Salt of Peace Drawstring Pouch] distributed by the SWCoast Management Office, Nankunshen Temple will also be distributing a limited edition [Salt of Peace Drawstring Pouch] for participants in the Bobei Competition. Everyone receiving two different kinds of [Salt of Peace Drawstring Pouches] will surely be blessed with peace and happiness! For more information about the event, please follow the [Great Fun in the Southwest Coast!!] and the [2017 KungShen Wangye’s Salt of Peace Festival] fan pages.