Notion Press publishes ‘Unleash Your Hidden Potential’ by Avinash Poddar and Bhavin J Shah

4th October, Gujarat: Author duo Avinash Poddar and Bhavin J Shah have published their first book Unleash Your Hidden Potential with Notion Press, India’s fastest growing self-publishing company.

This book will help readers identify and utilise their hidden potential to perform well in all aspects of life. It pinpoints the small things that need to be taken care of for a person to be a top performer. This book deals with certain aspects of life such as Self Esteem, Responsibility, Goals, Mission, Relationships, and above all, Self-Management. It will also teach the readers to enhance their professional relationships and add more value to their workplace.

The author believes that willpower is the only thing that helps one succeed despite repeated failure. Failure is a part and parcel of life, and one must continue putting in their continuous efforts and be confident that they will get the results they seek.

Poddar has written more than 15 books and has multiple qualifications under his belt. He regularly speaks at conferences to motivate people in his profession to achieve better results in life. He attended a workshop called ‘Unleash Your Hidden Potential’ by Bhavin J Shah, which proved useful to him and helped him improve in all the areas of life. He wrote this book to help everyone derive the benefits he did from the workshop and he believes that the tips in this book, when implemented will help one reach new heights in life.

Bhavin J Shah, Chief coach of Coach for life, is a motivational speaker and has transformed lives of many through his public sessions and workshops. Some of his well-accepted and acclaimed public sessions through which he has reached to more than 98000 persons in last 6 years are Aayiye Dhanyavad Karein Mata Pita ka, Ek Duje ke liye, Maniye aap ek Company hai, Way to Happiness etc. He has conducted many workshops such as Hidden Potential, Forever Together, Be the Best Performer etc. These workshops have helped many people to improve their skills.

Notion Press is glad to have published this book, which aims to help one achieve their hidden potential. The book is a must-read and is currently available on Amazon and other e-commerce websites.

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