Indiego Promoted Make It Your Banner Catches the Eye of Investors
Malaysian Start Up Started By a Mother to Nurture Young Talent Finds Traction
Kuala Lumpur, October 4th, 2017- Daniaa Jacqueline Quak’s idea of teaching young children the merits of entrepreneurship by turning them into pros at creating fun and zany party banners has found favour with investors.
Daniaa had joined hands with Indiegogo to help raise funds for the Make It Your Banner project to enable it to realize the full potential of this incredibly empowering project and thereby inspire others in the community to fulfil their full potential. The good news is that funds to the extent of USD $6600 or 44% of the $15000 sought have already been collected.
Says an obviously pleased Daniaa, “I always knew that we had a great business concept in Make It Your Banner, but this validation in the form of people supporting it financially is very uplifting. We are pretty close to reaching the minimum targeted amount that is needed to get our project running optimally and I can’t wait to get cracking.”
This Make It Your Banner concept entails youngsters putting on their creative caps and giving boring old party banners a make-over. No need to go for boring and staid designs or prohibitively expensive ones available in the market. The way to go is to use The Make It Your Banner kit. This consists of easy to use banner making reusable material including 25 pieces of colourful felt flags 25 pieces of burlap flags, 30 feet of rope, 40 plastic stencils and 24 balloons. Children can genuinely give full rein to their imagination in designing and creating the coolest part flags that one ever saw.
The Make It Your Banner lets the children tap into their own natural curiosity and inventiveness to liven up birthday parties, weddings and other commemorative events with their delightfully customized banners. The very practical make it Your Banner stencils are reusable and can be repeatedly used to create many spectacularly original designs on the special Make It Your Banner flags. The good times clearly are about to begin.
If you want to be a part of this unique concept, you could make an investment by visiting the link-
Concepts like Make It Your Banner are blazing a trail in that these encourage the children and youth to sink their teeth into new-age entrepreneurship at a very young age. This can only augur well for their future what with the rise of the Internet and the gig economy having opened up great avenues of growth for the young and the enterprising.
Indiegogo’s contribution in making the fundraising possible by promoting the Make It Your Banner is laudable indeed as it will greatly encourage entrepreneurship among the young.

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