Tivoli is haunted … again

Halloween in Tivoli is one of the most popular autumn events in Denmark. Now in its twelfth year, the country’s biggest Halloween celebration will feature a record number of pumpkins, bewitching stalls, the Danish Giant Pumpkin Championships, new family shows and the Monsters’ Night Out parade. But down in the depths of the old Roller Coaster, something is stirring, and the rumour is that Countess Tezlowski and Professor August Adrianson, who once ran the Villa Bernadotte Orphanage, sought refuge in the iconic ride 90 years ago. Teenage thrill-seekers and night-time visitors will discover whether this legend is true when the doors to The Haunted Orphanage open every night. Halloween in Tivoli will last for three weeks from 13 October to 5 November incl.

The Halloween season now draws masses of people who enjoy the autumn colours, with more than 20,000 pumpkins, 2,500 bales of straw, 5,500 perennials and aromatic herbs. So Halloween in Tivoli is not only for families with children. A large number of visitors come to appreciate and gather inspiration for beautiful garden tableaux from those created throughout the Gardens. Families with children can look forward to hours of fun and entertainment, and all the restaurants and rides will be open.

The Haunted Orphanage
Villa Bernadotte was an asylum for orphaned children and youngsters back in about 1900-1930. Countess Tezlowski and Professor August Adrianson ran the home together for more than 30 years. However, when Villa Bernadotte closed down, the truth emerged about a wide range of secret experiments at the home. The two administrators were never caught and are rumoured to have sought refuge in Tivoli’s old Roller Coaster, which conceals a myriad of secret passageways and cellars. Courageous teenagers and night-time visitors will discover the truth when The Haunted Orphanage opens its doors every evening at 17:30.

Celebrating Denmark’s biggest giant pumpkins
The Danish Giant Pumpkin Championships will take place for the tenth time in Tivoli on Saturday 14 October at 11:30. Every year, the competition attracts thousands of visitors keen to see the astounding display of pumpkins of the Atlantic Giant variety. This year, as conditions have been particularly difficult due to heavy rain, it will be exciting to see if the three-time Danish Champion Kim E. Bøndergaard from Spjald in Jutland will manage to beat last year’s winning pumpkin weight of 342 kilos.

Come and meet our favourite bear
Every child’s friend, Petzi the bear, will be entertaining every day together with his friends at the Open Air Stage in Tivoli. The shows are called ‘Peekaboo Petzi’ and ‘Pure Magic’. Each show will last about 25 minutes. Susanne Breuning has conjured up these two enchanting shows, which combine theatre, dance and song for young children.

Tempting stalls
For many visitors, Halloween in Tivoli is a thrilling opportunity to explore the Gardens’ many stalls. Danish crafts and treats from all regions are on display. For children, there is ample opportunity for finding the right Halloween costume, masks and other hair-raising special effects. If you feel hungry, the Gardens’ many restaurants offer a bite to eat in every price range. All restaurants will be open during Halloween in Tivoli.

Monsters’ Night Out – parade through Tivoli
On Saturday 28 October at 17:00, the Copenhagen Zombie Crawl featuring over 150 monsters will wend its way through Tivoli. Fans of the scary and the spooky can look forward to a parade of zombies, phantoms, movie monsters and other terrifying creatures. The parade offers lots of thoroughly breathtaking monsters and fantastic costumes, so prepare for zombies, phantoms and vampires enjoying the rides in the Gardens alongside you.

Trick or treat
On Halloween night itself – Tuesday 31 October – children can buy special Halloween bags and go trick or treating at the stalls around the Open Air Stage, where there are treats and fun in store for them.

Halloween in Tivoli
Tivoli has always needed to evolve. This was true in 2006, when Tivoli opened its gates for the first Halloween season, a period of 10 days. The season has since been extended to 2 weeks, and three years ago an additional week was added, so that it now runs for 3 weeks in total. Halloween in Tivoli therefore covers both the Danish and Swedish autumn holidays. There were 250,000 visitors during that first season. Now, Halloween in Tivoli welcomes about half a million visitors.

From the outset, the intention was never to simply transpose the American tradition unaltered into a Danish context. Instead, Tivoli took inspiration from the American tradition and added some Danish spice, interpreting the traditions and taking inspiration from the old Nordic autumn festivals. The choice has therefore been made to present real, authentic sets and tableaux rather than artificial solutions.

13 October – 5 November 2017

Entertainment and events
Petzi Show / Open Air Stage / Every day
The Haunted Orphanage / Every day
Danish Championship in Giant Pumpkins / By the Bubble Fountain / 14 October 11:30
Monsters’ Night Out / Parade through Tivoli / 28 October 18:00
Trick or treat / Open Air Stage/31 October from 11:00
Treasure Island / The Tivoli Concert Hall / 12-22 October
The Fairy Tale Theatre: The King and the Beggar Maid / The Glass Hall Theatre / 6-22 October
Tivoli Illuminations / The Tivoli Lake / Every day

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