Boss’s Cabin a leading furniture distributors and manufacturers have consistently been a trend setter. Bring a change this Diwali by renovating your office with a contemporary furniture design series ‘Varna’. Boss’s Cabin seeks to influence visitors and guests at your workplace, which in turn creates an image of your brand.

The campaign has been built, as Diwali festival in India has a strong social context. People greet each other by visiting at their place and workplaces. During this festive wave, Boss’s Cabin brings a new contemporary furniture design series Varna, to bridge the social chasms, establish interpersonal relationships and a new brand image.

Varna series combines hardness and softness of a typical upward gesture of ballet dancers, change the office environment with space aesthetics, and make art and beauty become a kind of silent strength. It brings out more human-oriented desks integrating art and practicability. From executive space to workstation, Varna series furnishes your office from top to bottom.

The executive space has a soft, compact design, and mild lacquer textured desks. It has a mild texture yet full of tensile forces, which enable the senior executive to bring both softness and hardness to their work. The desk surface is a classic representation of high-end watches endowed with long-lasting time and space. The desk surface is also fitted with a configured wire-box system which can connect all kinds of electronic devices. The soft lines fully expresses beauty and also shows humanity. A storage display in the executive cabins allows you to reveal years of honors and achievements with an unprecedented gesture. The back cabinet includes open cabinet, sliding door cabinet, and opening door cabinet. The side cabinets finely include opening door cabinets, mainframe cabinet, and drawer cabinet. The workstation in the Varna series will help you to meet with the office demand of the new era. I- Varna staff desk series extends the desk depth to 730mm. It has a large storage capacity, you can underway computer work and writing work at the same time. For the office needs of small teams or project teams, the L-shaped combination of supervisor desk and staff desks are provided. If needed, you can install supervisor desk separately for an overall view and independent thinking. The Varna series has a linear-shape combination of the multiple staff desks and single staff desks. Thus, you can accommodate larger teams in limited offices space more neat and orderly. With linear staff desks, the series also consists of cubicles which makes office style more rational and elegant. A meeting desk of the Varna series goes beyond traditional meeting form. It is designed in a paddle shape, wide on the inside and narrow on the outside representing unity and strength. It is specifically designed in a paddle shape to ensure that every participant has the best view from every corner. The contribution of Varna series to every nook is tremendous, it is decent from outside and has excellent functions.

Boss’s Cabin is constantly showering its efforts to meet modern needs from the day one. This Diwali, let Boss’s Cabin help you define your workplace in a more organized way.