Dr. Debraj Shome delivers lecture on his novel hair growth formulation at the 5 continents congress in Barcelona


Mumbai, Sep, 2017 Leading Oculoplastic and Facial Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Debraj Shome has, yet again, made his country proud. In a career defining moment, Dr. Shome delivered an engaging lecture on ‘Novel Hair Growth Formulation, Transforming Baldness & Hair Loss’ at the prestigious 5 Continents Congress in Barcelona, Spain. His participation in the event as a respected faculty member along with the move of unveiling his QR 678 Hair growth treatment has truly put India at the forefront in the world of hair care and restoration treatments.


Dr. Debraj Shome is one of the creators of the revolutionary new hair growth formulation – the QR 678 hair growth factor injections that aims to treat male pattern baldness, alopecia, and female hair loss. The formulation is a novel molecule that combines 5 naturally occurring substances or growth factors that accentuate hair growth and aids in the prevention of further hair fall. The treatment has been developed completely in India and offers a non-surgical approach to hair regrowth through the administration of formulation injections to the scalp.


“It is a proud moment for us all, especially when you consider the far reaching implications of a globally popular product that is wholly invented and developed in India.” Dr. Shome said ecstatically. “Me, my fellow researcher Dr. Rinky Kapoor, and our research team have been working on this formulation for over four years now and have recently been awarded a US patent for the same as well! The QR 678 Hair growth formulation has already been making waves across the world with its relatively high success rate and minimal side effects on patients. The treatment is much more advanced and gives more effective results than stem cell and PRP treatment / therapy for hair loss and hair growth.


Surgical alternatives for countering the effects of hair fall include hair transplant (implant) & hair restoration that seek to relocate existing strands of hair to improve the patient’s cosmetic and aesthetic appearance. The QR 678 treatment, on the other hand, treats androgenetic causes of hair fall and aids a patient’s hair strands in achieving regrowth. No wonder Dr. Shome’s lecture on the same at the 5 Continents Congress was met with such comprehensive appreciation and acceptance. The treatment will definitely cement India’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the field of hair care and reconstructive treatments.


If you are looking for more information about the QR 678 treatment or would like to seek consultation for your hair fall problems, feel free to visit http://www.debrajshome.com/.



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