Ravana is the primary antagonist in the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana where he is depicted as a Rakshasa, the Great king of Lanka. Dussehra brings about a victory of good over evil and we at VEDA invite you to kill all your non-vegeterian desires.

Give into the evil and experience for the first time ever, a Ravana Thali on this dussehra at Veda.
The idea was born to bring something extremely novel to the people who have fasted or had everything vegetarian during Navratras. This Ravana Thali has everything non-vegetarian in it from papad to salad to raita and even the dessert, everything is non-veg! WE MEAN IT!

A humongous Ravana Thali that consists of 14+ non vegetarian lip-smacking dishes like Lankan Fish Curry, Prawn Salad, Keema Kulcha to name a few! The highlight of the Ravana Thali is the Chicken Barfi, the first ever non-vegetarian dessert which is inspired from Turkey , probably the only place in the world which serves this extremely popular non-veg dessert.

It is the super hard work of our Chef Nazeer who has created this never before eaten Chicken Barfi in this part of the world, after pounding the chicken breast for 4-5 hours and mixing with milk and cream in Chef’s own secret recipe.

So get ready to relish your taste buds with enticing flavours of the very special Ravana Thali prepared specially to kill all your non-vegetarian cravings set in an amazing ambience.