TATAA Biocenter, the world´s leading provider of hands-on training in molecular analyses, expands its qPCR instrument park with the Mic from Bio Molecular Systems. “People come from all around the world to TATAA for qPCR training and they expect getting chance to try out the best qPCR instruments there are. The Mic is certainly one of them and it will be most attractive option for those with space limitations. Also, with no moving parts, the Mic is essentially calibration free.” says Dr. Mikael Kubista, founder and CEO of TATAA Biocenter. TATAA Biocenter courses are arranged around the world supported by leading instrument and solution providers in molecular analyses. TATAA is also instrumental in quality control and standardization of molecular testing, being member of the European efforts SPIDIA (www.spidia.eu) and CANCER-ID (www.cancer-id.eu) standardizing the preanalytical steps and blood based analyses, respectively. “We are very proud of the collaboration with TATAA Biocenter. Now, users have the possibility to compare the Mic with traditional qPCR instruments and appreciate its advantages.”, says John Corbett, CEO of Bio Molecular Systems.