Amity University Mumbai auditorium was the venue for an informative and enlightening interaction with Mr. Subhash Menon – Chief HR & Learning ANGEL BROKING. The prime topic of the interaction or session was the importance and value of Effective communication and Presentation skills. We all know that sound communication and presentation skills have a major role to play in boosting the morale and productivity of an employee. Every day, we present our ideas to other people and we want to be taken seriously and our ideas to be considered equally as valid as the ideas of our co-workers.
Mr Menon had a very informative and illuminating interaction with more than 50 students from ABS & AIIT who learnt the importance of effective communication and memorable presentation in today’s corporate world. Mr. Subhash Menon discussed in detailed topics like Time spent on communication, non-verbal communication, body language, Gesture, touch, Space, Clothing, cosmetics, accessories etc.
He also highlighted the qualities of a good listener, 6C’s of effective communication (clarity, completeness, conciseness, consideration, courtesy, and correctness), and Communication Barrier and Presentation skills among others. Mr Menon elaborated that in business communication; one should be brief and be able to say whatever one want to say without sacrificing other qualities. Lengthiness is considered uncool these days. To maintain the reader or the receiver’s patience conciseness of the communication is important. You do not just have to talk, but get fluent in and remain fluent in a domain of expertise, whether finance, technology, science, fashion, construction, law. It is the only way you will be acknowledged to bring something extra to the table. Mr Menon was also kind enough to patiently answer queries and questions of the students during the session.