Filling Prescribed Drugs Online: Pros and Cons of Online Pharmacies

Date: 09/28/2017

Place: Birmingham UK


Every idea has some merits and some demerits. The same is true for an online pharmacy. At one end, it offers buyers a great flexibility to get their prescriptions filled from a virtual store; for instance, one comfortably, from the safe confines of the home, can buy cheap Sildenafil online with a flick of the finger. On the other end, it has provided an avenue to online fraudsters rob off money from less aware consumers.

So, is online pharmacy a bad idea, where regulating authorities have less control over the distribution of the medicine? The answer depends on the equilibrium between merits and demerits, and therefore, here we have pulled together advantages and disadvantages to help reach the answer.

Merits of Online Pharmacy

  • Trouble-free Access to the Prescribed Drugs

With the accessibility of the certified online pharmacies, buyers can comfortably place an order for the prescribed drugs, even under the national health services, with the use of the smart and computing devices. The trouble-free access is especially helpful to those people, who, due to disorders and conditions, have their life limited. Since almost all types of prescribed drugs can be bought online, the virtual pharmacies have become the most sought-after source to get the prescription filled.

  • 24-hour Open

Contrasting to most traditional at-the-corner pharmacies, which remain open during a specific period, the online stores have 24 hours and 7 days operation. With the advent of such pharmacies, the consumers do not have schedule their time just for the sake of getting prescription filled. To a great degree, the online pharmacies have helped people to squeeze out time for themselves from their busy schedules.

  • Relatively Cheap Medications

Since online pharmacies deliver medications right from the main distributor, it helps them cut the cost involved in the supply-chain, and gain profits, a proportion of which the online pharmacists often pass on to consumers. As a result, customers can get medications at discounted rates. You can buy cheap Sildenafil online, along with a number of drugs.

Demerits of the Online Pharmacists

  • Counterfeit Medications

Since there are no robust control measures in place to check the supply of the medications, still some illegitimate pharmacies at times send counterfeit, substituted, and even outdated medications. So, if you buy cheap sildenafil online, and fail to check the green logo and registry, it could be a fake medication that you get.

  • Dubious Pharmacists

It is quite difficult for consumers to locate the original location of the online pharmacists; therefore, some pharmacies do not ship medication from the place they claim.

  • Access to Controlled Substance to Minors

Minors can easily order, using other’s identity, narcotic and controlled substances without knowledge and supervision of adults.

Other than these demerits, the other apprehensions are confidentiality breach, improper packaging and handling leading to harm to medicine.

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