Aluminium Balustrades – Top Quality and Low Maintenance!

Intricately carved wooden balustrades were a common feature of traditional homes in the past. Today however, top quality and low maintenance materials are the preferred choice of builders and home owners in Australia. Aluminium and steel, both conform to these standards, additionally, they are not as expensive as wood. Aluminium balustrades with top quality and low maintenance features are the first option due to their many advantages.

Aluminium is a lightweight material, easy to work with due to its malleability. It can be moulded into different shapes to fabricate decorative designs, making it perfect for aluminium balustrades. It is softer than steel, hence ductile meaning it can be made into long tubes. Although this is a great feature to create intricate designs, it is not exactly ideal where tough barriers are required.

Yet, aluminium is a popular choice for balustrades. Aluminium balustrades can incorporate beautiful designs that improve the aesthetics of the building structure. The material is reasonably sturdy and when combined with toughened glass makes for a secure and beautiful balustrading system.

Perhaps the most positive aspect of aluminium balustrades is low maintenance costs. Aluminium does not rust or corrode even if it is exposed to the elements. It is particularly ideal for seaside areas or similar harsh environments where corrosion is the issue due to salty air.

Maintaining aluminium balustrades is easy, simply wipe clean with damp cloth. An occasional wash with soap and water to do away with the grime and dirt ensures your balustrades always remain clean and shiny. Since they do not rust, no painting or any other kind of maintenance is required, keeping maintenance costs to the minimum.

Top quality aluminium balustrades can be powder coated to increase its durability. The powder coating provides additional protection against corrosive salt water and the ravages of the weather conditions. Your powder coated aluminium balustrades will last a lifetime.

If for some reason you need to replace a section of an aluminium balustrade, the material can be recycled to fabricate and fit a new panel quite easily. With aluminium balustrades you are not increasing your carbon footprint.

Aluminium Decorative Balustrades are ideally suited for residential buildings where the aesthetics greatly matter. In premises where safety is a concern steel balustrades are better equipped to address these issues. Swimming pool fencing, railings for staircases and balconies can be fabricated out of aluminium. With coloured powder coating to match the building’s exterior, aluminium balustrades are the perfect choice for every home.

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