Varieties of Carpets That You Need of Know About

Date: Sep 25, 2017

Place: Birmingham

Just as carpets offer many benefits, ranging from insulation to aesthetics, to sitting area and sound absorption, they come in various types. With so many types of carpets, and brands like Brintons, Broakway, Adam, and Victoria carpets available, it often becomes confusing to categorize one from another, and that is what carpet retailers capitalize on. Buyers seldom know the diverse range of carpets, and its subtypes, and thus, ripping them off becomes an easy task by selling a standard, mill-made carpet as an expensive, hand-woven rug.

We all have been there; and therefore, here we discuss the different types of carpets from two different perspectives to arm you with information that protects against frauds.

Varieties of Carpets Based on Manufacturing Techniques

  1. Knotted Carpets

Such carpets, one of the oldest forms of floor coverings, are hand-made, involving a number of work hours, and thus, are among the most expensive carpets available. Characteristically, knotted carpets have knots woven between warp and weft. The knots are predominantly are of two types, symmetrical, which also known as “Ghirodes”—a feature of Turkish carpet—and asymmetrical, also called as “Sennah,” is a distinguishing feature of the Persian carpets. The asymmetrical knots, based on the region, can also be open right and open left. Another less known knotted carpet construction involves depressed warp construction in which warp yarns oriented on two different planes or levels. Brands like Victoria carpets do not offer such carpets, and often are sourced from Asian countries.

  1. Woven Carpets

Woven carpets are manufactured similar to a woven fabric on a loom. A powered mechanized loom, with automated wart and waft construction, adds loops with a variable density to produce a range of affordable carpets. The loops are made by the machine on the wart and waft, and based on the style, the length and density of loops vary.

Sub-Types of Woven Carpets

  • Wilton carpet

Wilton carpet came into existence when the carpet weaving technology advanced and bladed wires were employed to manufacture carpets; technically Wilton carpet are cut pile, which are cut by the wires that cut the loop pile on withdrawal. However, nowadays, the term Wilton carpet is used for both loop pile and cut pile carpets. Such carpets carry the rustic charm carpet attributes with centuries old motifs and patterns.

  • The Berber carpet

Berber is the most popular form of woven carpets, which have distinct loop pile, similar to the knotted carpets, with closed loop pile, that are made by the Berber people, inhabitants of North Africa and the Sahara.

  • Velvet carpets

Such carpets got its name from its velvety touch. It essentially is a cut pile carpet, which is made synthetic, as well as natural, fibers that offers enhanced appearance and distinct touch.

  • Twisted carpets

Also known as frieze carpet, twisted carpets have cut pile, however, the fibres are twisted, and often long. Its other variation is known as shag carpet, as it has significantly long fibres.

All these sub-types of woven carpets, along with cable, plush, Saxony, and textured,  are sold by contemporary brands like Victoria carpets.

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