The Voyager Tennis Academy and The McDonald College have joined together to identify the elite tennis players and provide education to each player with a tennis scholarship. It is very difficult for every tennis player to balance the school, daily tennis, family time and homework; so the Voyager McDonald College Tennis Program has been introduced for those elite players to balance the tennis training requirements. This is the best place for the students to receive a world class tennis coaching, first class education and to successfully graduate with tennis scholarships.

The McDonald College
The McDonald College (TMC) is dedicated in providing top level academic program for the students from year 3 to 12. This college is located on North Strathfield Railway line and it is less than 3 kms from the Voyager Tennis Academy, Sydney Olympic Park. The McDonald College is co-educational and non-denominational and has 270 pupils. A partnership with the Voyager Tennis Academy is structured to provide 2.5 – 3 hours of tennis training specifically for students who are looking to become professional players in tennis. The McDonald College offers the following timetable for the students:

• Years 5 & 6
• Years 7, 8 & 9
• Years 10, 11 & 12

TMC is providing flexible options for students to develop their tennis performance and complete their secondary schooling with all academic requirements.

U.S. College Tennis Scholarship Pathway
Most of the students in the McDonald College are looking to achieve a tennis scholarship in the United States. Currently, there are so many Voyager Graduates on U.S. Tennis Scholarships at the best universities in the world. The year 12 students can achieve the scholarships over a 4 year period worth up to $500,000.00.

Elite Tennis Program
The Voyager McDonald College Elite Program is a quick platform for elite tennis players to get the best possible chance of the U.S. College Tennis scholarship. The McDonald College students will be trained with the Voyager Tennis Academy players, including the National Champions, top ranked Australian Juniors, touring professionals, International players from Japan, India, China, US and many other countries. The players will be coached from Monday to Friday in following tennis schedule:

• Group Coaching
• Competitive Match Play
• Injury Prevention
• Player Development
• Benchmarking and Testing

Enrolment Process of the McDonald College Program
There are 5 steps involved in the enrolment process of the Voyager McDonald College Program.

Step 1: Contact
Step 2: Book in with The McDoanld College and Voyager Tennis for a trial day where players can experience exactly what it’s like to do a full day in the program combining the academics and tennis
Step 3: Arrange your course attendance dates
Step 4: Pay course fees prior to commencement of program
Step 5: Complete and sign all forms

For detailed information about The Voyager McDonald College Tennis Program, visit