Keep Your Lawn Beautiful With Lawn Care Tips For Every Season

Different seasons of the year affect your lawn differently, leading it to grow differently. Understanding different seasonal needs will help you with the maintenance of your lawn so it grows lush and green. Your lawn will remain beautiful all the year round if you give it the care it requires during each season. Remember, a healthy lawn can withstand adverse climatic conditions better.

Just like we need food for nourishment, lawn grass also requires food. Watering the lawn in the right manner ensures good health, but it also requires fertiliser in the right quantity and at the right time. Ideally, fertiliser should be applied three times a year – in spring, summer and autumn. In case you fertilise the lawn only once a year, make sure to do it in spring when the grass is at its best growing stage.

But, let us take a look at the other seasonal lawn care tips.

In spring, everything is growing, including the lawn grass. Clear up the fallen leaves, rake up the lawn to release the browned portions of the grass, mostly thatch. This allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate easily. Spring is also the best time to fertilise your lawn. Since this is the growing season, weeds are also growing actively. Make sure to remove those pesky weeds before they get out of hand. Also, water adequately in this season in preparation for the hot and dry Australian summers.

Your lawn is stressed out due to the scorching heat in summer. It dries out faster in the summer, so water early in the morning so that the roots can soak up the moisture before it evaporates in the heat. You might also add a slow release fertiliser to the lawn so that it has a good supply of nutrients in the stressful times. Above all, don’t neglect the watering, your lawn will not survive without water and will quickly dry out. When you mow, keep the blades at a higher level to leave tall grass. Taller grass retains moisture better.

As the autumn evenings cool, it is time to repair the damage done by the hot summers. Fertilise the lawn if you’ve not kept up with it regularly. This should help fortify your lawn for the cold winter ahead. Lawn Mowing Services Albury East makes your yard strong enough to withstand the onslaught of the cold. As the growth of the lawn slows down in this season, reduce the frequency of the mowing.

In winter, your lawn is mostly in hibernation, although you must check out the moisture levels. If it is too dry, water the lawn. It is not necessary to fertilise the lawn if you’ve done it earlier. Ensure that the lawn receives enough sunlight, keep it clear of fallen leaves, weeds and other garden debris.

With the right type of lawn care every season, you will be successful in maintaining a beautiful lawn. Take advice and assistance on seasonal lawn care from Lawn Care Businesses For Sale NSW.

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