Houston, TX 2017/Press Release – Are you suffering from an excessive and persistent toothache? Consider getting a root canal treatment. Clear Lake Endodontics is a well-known dental clinic serving the patients in Houston, TX. The endodontists offer complete oral care and provide effective treatment for tooth ache.

Prior to the root canal, the specialists at Clear Lake Endodontics explain entire procedure to the patients. Advanced techniques like digital radiography, surgical microscopes, electronic apex locator etc. are utilized to assess the root cause of the condition. Accordingly, a well-tailored treatment plan will be devised by the endodontists.

Root Canals: The Procedure

The treatment begins with evaluation of the extent of damage caused to the tooth. Local anesthesia is used to numb the senses and avoid pain. During the procedure, the damaged pulp is removed from the root canal and is filled the cavity using a biocompatible material (gutta-percha). In the final sitting, a crown is placed over the tooth to restore its strength.

At Clear Lake Endodontics, the dentists perform root canal treatment on anterior, premolar and molar teeth. Various complexities considered before conducting the procedure include –

Extreme inclination > 30°

Extreme rotation > 30°

Extreme curvature > 30° or S-shaped curve

Very long tooth > 25mm

Open apex > 1.5mm in diameter

Pulp stones

Indistinct canal path/ calcification, etc.

Other Services Offered At Clear Lake Endodontics

Post and Core Build-up

Internal Bleaching



Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation

Dental Pain Diagnosis and Management

Management of traumatic injuries to the teeth and periradicular structures

For effective and painless root canal treatment in Houston, TX, visit Clear Lake Endodontics. To request an appointment, call at (281) 316 – 2411 or log on to http://www.clearlakeendo.com