Which is a healthier and cleaner wet toilet vs dry toilet

wet toilets vs dry toilets may be wondering which of the two are healthier and both, wet toilets are the development of natural toilets commonly used by some communities in the world, especially the tropics and water, as the human population is no longer possible CHAPTER in the open then the toilet should be closed. But in some developed countries already use dry toilet with eco-friendly reasons for dry toilets use only a little water.

The toilet is dry and the toilet is wet in terms of health

According to the toilet association Indonesia Country Indonesia is a tropical country and tend to be moist so the potential growth of more fungus in wet toilets.

Image: Wet toilets and commonly called squat toilets commonly used by Indonesian society.
According to the doctor dr Meta Hanindita “Better indeed the toilet is made dry,” from RSUD Dr Soetomo then if it has a wet toilet avoid sprinkling points Because of the high humidity easily trigger spores and precisely where the germs are located.

Wet toilets in addition will cause puddles on the floor is also a growing place that causes diarrhea and vomiting bacteria to develop while dry floor of the toilet will dry and menceh bacteria growing.

Although somewhat uncomfortable and unaccustomed to the government should have started campaigning to make the toilet dry because it is more beneficial both in terms of health and environmentally, especially from urban communities and public facilities while making good sanitation in rural and suburban communities that had been we know that the fringe people are very vulnerable to disease, in addition to poor sanitation, usually people living on the edge of the river are very vulnerable flooded and it is ascertained water from all the dirt will enter into the house . For more information https://saluranmampetjogja.blogspot.co.id/2017/03/mana-yang-lebih-sehat-dan-bersih-toilet.html

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