Avail Seasoned Speeding Ticket Attorney

Speeding tickets will be issued to a person when he is not likely to follow the laws while driving. It is very important to hire a speeding ticket attorney to avoid problems in future. The first thing everyone is ready to do is pay the ticket and calling the number provided at the back of the ticket. This is not a right approach to speeding ticket. When you are guided by a proficient lawyer, you can avoid fines and points will not be added to your driver’s license.

The lawyer will first examine your type of violation and there are three types of violations namely, procedural violations, radar maintenance and requirement violations and substantive violations. Depending on the type they will proceed with the case. You can avoid going to court at difficult situations since your attorney will represent your case. They will also gather witness statements, police reports, radar gun maintenance record and other evidences.

Speeding Ticket
Paying the speeding tickets leads to points added in your record and also the guilty plea makes your insurance costs high. The maximum number of points which can be added to your license in twenty four months is 15. If it exceeds that, your license will be suspended. The points added are dependent on the speeding ticket conviction.
• 15-18mph over: 2 points
• 19-23mph over: 3 points
• 24-33mph over: 4 points
• 34mph over: 6 points

Advantages When Assisted By a Lawyer
The first one is your insurance premium gets reduced. When you have points on your record already, your insurance rates can be negotiated. The points can be reduced since increased points may even lead to license suspension. When represented by a lawyer your case can be completed in less time.

Super Speeder Fine
Super speeder fine have a great impact on your driver’s license and as well as your future in Georgia. On a highway when you are travelling at 85 mph and more you will be imposed with a super speeder fine. Also in two -lane road if you travel at 75mph you will be charged. Each offense costs $200. You need to hire a skilled attorney to get relieved from it. To know more details, visit https://atlantatrafficticket.lawyer

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