A pool is where the party is and a party is where kids are running around and adults too having fun with each other. In short, a pool area is where a lot of fun things are happening but it can also be a place where some unwanted accidents can also happen.

A fencing around the pool will demarcate the actual pool from rest of the ‘fun area’ thereby making the area much safer for both adults and kids alike. There are a few ways you can fence the pool – you could built (say) a brick wall around it or setup a bamboo wall or some sort of screen or you could do what people with taste do – setup a glass pool fencing with some awesome lighting effects.

Some folks get horrified when we mention “glass fencing” the assumption is that glass is fragile, breakable and delicate. Actually, there are standards (Australian Standard 2820) as to thickness and quality of the glass that can be used. Glass pool fencing sold by Trimlite ( http://www.trimlite.com.au ) meets all of the relevant Australian Standards and in most cases, exceeds them.

Glass can be easily glazed with logos, emblems and other artwork. In fact, you could have an entire painting done on glass. Install LED lighting beneath the glass, switch it on at night and watch as the viewers are mesmerised by the affect the lighting has on the glazing of the glass – it will be as if the painting has come alive! Soak in the admiration and adulations.

To create a safe and secure pool space with glass pool fencing, the glass panels are fitted closely together and they also have a lower ground clearance so even pets can’t get through. Typically, the glass that is used to create a safe and secure pool space with glass pool fencing is, made from toughened safety glass that is 10 to 12mm thick. This type of glass is quite difficult to break. You could throw a brick at it and the chances are, the brick will just bounce off without shattering the glass.

You can either use clear toughened safety glass or have it glazed or used coloured glass or use non-transparent glass – you have a wide range of choices. The glass is held up by light-weight aluminium supports. A Glass Pool Fences Sydney is quite easy to assemble and setup – not that you have to do anything yourself mind. Simply call Trimlite and their estimators will visit your pool measure it out, note your requirements and offer you the options that most fulfil your requirement.

The material is assembled together, customised (glazed etc) and transported to the work site. Here, a team of trained workmen supervised by an engineer will install the Central Coast Pool Fences. Unless some wiring is required, typically if they start work in the morning, it will be completed by evening.

So if you want a safe and secure pool space with glass pool fencing, call Trimlite or visit their website here: http://www.trimlite.com.au