Customise Your Outdoor Space With Outdoor Alfresco Blinds

For those not in the know, outdoors blinds are also called café blinds (because of their extensive use by road-side cafes), bistro blinds (same reason), patio blinds, pergola blinds or alfresco blinds. It does not matter what you call them – the are essentially all the same. The only difference is that an alfresco blind is always used on the outside. Read on to know more on how to customise your outdoor space with outdoor Alfresco blinds.

If you need to protect a certain stretch of space (indoor or outdoors) from the harsh sun and or wind, then Alfresco blinds are a good way to do it. Unroll them when the sun is harsh and roll the blinds up when light is needed. In this way you can protect Alfresco area, your Patio and Verandah from the sun thorough use of Outdoor Blinds.

Alfresco blinds are usually made from weather resistant durable material. Mostly common material used is PVC but other weather resistant material (such as canvas) can also be used. This makes Alfresco blinds the best way to protect your patios, verandahs, alfresco areas and balconies. They act as an amazing barrier, blocking the harsh UV rays of the sun and thereby making the space more liveable. When used on the outside of a window, it can reduce your electricity bill in the summer because your indoors will be less heated.

When using Alfresco blinds you can also opt for semi-transparent material thereby allowing a lot of light but only blocking the Sun’s UV rays. This is ideal for senior folks wanting to sit outside in the sun but without suffering it’s harmful effects.

Alfresco blinds can partially or completely enclose any outdoor living area such as your patio or large balcony spaces. In fact, you can customise your outdoor space with outdoor Alfresco blinds so that you or your guests can enjoy being outside without the worry of the harsh sunlight. Alfresco blinds will also protect you from wind and mild rains you can get indoors before being fully drenched in the rain.

You can also custom request for Outdoor Alfresco Blinds. For example, some folks use dual layer Alfresco blinds – one that has PVC as an outer layer and mosquito netting as an inner layer. During the night you can lower the mosquito netting and enjoy a peaceful and relaxed time outdoor without being bothered by insects or mosquitoes.

As with everything these days, Alfresco blinds too can be motorised and raised or lowered at the click of a button so you can get as modern as you like. You can view all the Louvre Shutters Sydney and also make your purchases or enquiries here:

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