Constance/Germany, 09/14/2017: Software manufacturer combit is expected to release
version 23 of its List & Label reporting tool in late October. The new version offers important
new features for users and software developers. The previously separately available combit
Report Server is being merged into the Enterprise Edition. Without additional licensing costs,
developers can now pass a browser-based reporting application out-of-the-box on to the
customer with their application.

Moreover, users are expected to notice a significant boost in performance. “Our users will be
very pleased about the speed increases when starting the Designer and printing out reports,”
says Jochen Bartlau, CEO and Head of Development List & Label. The additional updates
for web developers contain, for example, the Ad-hoc Designer that functions in all modern
browsers and with which users can quickly and easily design reports. Users can switch to the
more extensive Web Designer at any time. Data from different sources can now be
relationally linked. For example file-based formats such as CSV can now be connected to

The Designer has also been updated: Donut diagrams can now represent several data series
as interrelated rings. Circle or donut diagrams can also be shown as a segment. SVG
graphics can now be placed directly in the Designer. The SVG export function has also been
extensively updated and optimized.

Please visit combit’s development blog for detailed information on these and all other new
features in version 23: