A majority of population in the US became a victim of the Equifax security breach. Even though the consequences may not be evident to individuals right now, but it might occur in the near future. A single attempt of data theft is enough to expose confidential information to leakage and misuse.
According to the reports, social security numbers, date of births, addresses, some driving license and credit cards numbers have been stolen in the Equifax Security Breach. This data could further be used by the fraudsters to open new credit accounts or take medical debts on your behalf. The regular use of analytics could have prevented this incident. One such solution is Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics (ACA) that detects and prevents criminal offenses. .
Cybercrimes like security breach leave customer’s data vulnerable to damage,leading to reputational and financial losses. Wynyard ACA is a powerful investigative analytics solution, essential for maintaining critical information so that data security is not jeopardized. Wynyard ACA ensures high-end crime analytics regardless of the data type, structured (financial transactions), semi structured (SMS Messages) or unstructured (witness statements). The product additionally organizes data, automatically extracts entities, relationships and events to present you with a holistic picture of your intelligence and investigative holdings without the need of manual analysis.
Wynyard ACA lets you detect anomaly o find patterns of behavior outside of the norm and quickly. ACA is an easily configurable product that is implemented to use by the respective domain experts. With this intuitive approach, an organization and its customers’ data remains safe and prevented from unforeseen attacks.