2017 marked as the year of mass shootings in U.S.

The American community is hit again by another brutal attack. An armed attacker opened gunfire in public library of Mexico which got two killed and four people injured. This attack could have been prevented if a smart apparatus like Wynyard Analytical Crime Software would have been in place.
The statistics are extremely alarming. As per gun violence archive this incident is reportedly 244th mass shooting in U.S. in the year 2017. If we analyze it then there are a total of 240 days in a year and it is sad to note that U.S. had to face more mass shooting than days in the year. Reportedly there have been 10,000 gunshot deaths already.
Majority of the gunfire attacks are not random but planned act of violence. Wynyard Gun Crime Analytics Solution provides for search and query to link and extract data related to ballistics. This is helpful in tracing the patterns of regular offenders, organized crime networks or even terrorists. Further facilitating in preventive measures.
Moreover Wynyard software designed for Law enforcement helps to investigate and collect relevant data in the short span of custody. The investigating agency can quickly relate the firearms with forensic data making the case stronger for a tougher punishment. This further injects fear in the minds of offenders.
As per Pew Research Center dual-party people have strongly supported policy proposals to ban people with mental illness buying metal weapons, ban on people on list of federal no-fly and watch lists and a law providing for background check on private gun purchases.
All this and a lot more could be achieved by adopting Wynyard Gun Crime Analytics Solution. We need to take a stand at earliest to avoid such painful incidents in future.
Though the ongoing debate between republicans and democrats on issues is still to reach its conclusion.

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