Branchburg, September 12, 2017 — In a rare effort to help first time owners, has compiled a list of tips from 37 top experts to guide first time home buyers. First time home buyers are susceptible to various tricks and need to be equipped and well guided. The list is incorporated in a great infographic that is quite comprehensive and covers a wide range of issues that first home buyers can face.

No matter what, buying the first home can be an overwhelming decision. It could be downright scary, exciting and often times frustrating. The housing market is always competitive and it owes no apology to anybody. Little wonder, thousands of people are misled everyday while trying to make their decisions. Therefore, the infographic created by would be a helpful guide for all potential first time home buyers.

One of the experts interviewed, Aaron of, comments

“Realtor gets paid by the seller- This is something that surprised me when I bought my first home – but it’s worth noting. Your realtor (even though helping you) is getting paid by the seller. It ultimately benefits them when a home sells at a higher price. If you can manage it – save up for the 20% down when you go to purchase your first home to get rid of PMI. This will pay huge returns in the long run and help you pay down the house faster.”

He says further, “Sometimes it pays to purchase a home that is an ugly duckling. Many people may pass these over in the listings (due to poor photos, etc), but it may just take a little TLC and minor fixes to spruce things up. New light fixtures and door-knobs / cabinet handles can help bring a home into the present. If it’s a decent neighborhood and the inspection checks out – it could be worth the investment”

To read the full excerpt of the interview with all the experts, visit MyModernHome.Net

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