Udyog Software (India) Ltd. , a part of Adaequare Group and a leading provider for end-to-end Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliance software in India for has recently announced successful filing of 4 million invoices for a large Gurugram-based FMCG company having operations across 33 states and UTs in India.

Udyog Software created an accurate GSTR1 returns for the company which involved processing, transformation, and validation of the company’s 4 million invoices by using its innovative platform enComply.

Udyog Software used its another platformTaxilla to segregateand tag records for submission of GSTR-1 and execute tests on each record to ensure compliance before uploading into the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN).

Udyog Software could complete the filing of GSTR1 filing ahead of the earlier 10thSeptember 2017 deadline, despite the infrastructure challenges like OTP to encrypt to post data at times was coming after 4 hours, making software posting unviable and certain errors that popped up with Jsons (JavaScript Object Notation) generated by ASPs are due to inconsistencies in schema published vs. schema accepted by GSTN. Also, GSPs had very little role to play in this drive-1 with not many were even ready.

Pavan Peechara, CEO of Adaequare group and Director of Udyog Software Limited said on first GSTR1 submission which was due on 10th September 2017
“Challenges are there and it wasn’t unexpected. County is going through a major migration and it would need at the least 6 months for us to sleep well. I am glad that all associates at Udyog Software and Adaequare are addressing these challenges and delivering to clients, which include leading FMCG, Indian Financial conglomerate, MNC Bank and an Insurance major. Good news is that we/our clients are successfully generating JSONs (JavaScript Object Notation) and uploading. GSPs not being available are adding to the challenge”
Udyog Software works with many companies across automotive, finance and banking, public sector units, manufacturing to deliver its services as application service provider (ASP) for the newly implemented tax regime in the country. Over the past 24 years, Udyog Software’s pragmatic approach has resulted in rapid growth enabling them to deliver sustainable solutions to their clients. A preferred tax solution partner for various ERP vendors and implementers, Udyog has earned its reputation as a solution-centric company that delivers effective and successful tax planning services to its clients of all sizes.

About Adaequare:
Founded in 2001, Adaequare is an expert data and product engineering company. Adaequare specializes in Finance and Tax Transformation, Compliance Management, E-Commerce Solutions and Services, and Engineering Services that include Data, Product and Test Engineering. The company with its main development centre at Hyderabad has offices in 10 cities in India and across USA and Australia.
Adaequare is led by Pavan Peechara who is the President of the board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In 2009, it acquired Udyog Software India Limited and now commands a leadership position in Tax automation technology and solutions. Over last 5 years, Adaequare has seen a tremendous growth and success with 130% cumulative annual growth