Benefits Of Having A Dental Hygienist In Your Practice

Here’s why it is always preferable to visit a dental clinic where they have a dental hygienist in their practice:

While most of us tend to have a reasonably great set of teeth (even though a couple of teeth may be missing), having the teeth scrutinised by a dental hygienist in their practice like having routine inspection-cum-maintenance work done. This ensures that your teeth continue to not only look great but actually be great.

A dental hygienist in their practice basically checks the patients teeth for gun disease, trapped food deposits, teeth discolorations, bleeding in the gums and other gum diseases and general teeth sensitivity.

The sad fact is that most of us tend to rush to a dentist only when we notice or feel something has gone wrong with a tooth or our teeth. Routine inspection and maintenance on the other ensures that action is taken before the onset of potential problems.

A dental hygienist in their practice will examine your entire mouth first checking and testing the gums for signs of infection, inflammation and bleeding. Most folks won’t even notice if there is a slight bleeding in the gums but your dental hygienist at the practice is sure to notice it and recommend a corrective course.

The main cause of bad breath is food rotting in the mouth and this happens because food can get trapped between teeth of in cavities. A routine examination in the bathroom mirror will probably not reveal this but your dental hygienist with his dental mirrors will find it, clean the place and recommend a corrective course. This will take care of a serious problem that some of us did not even know existed.

One of the reasons our teeth get discoloured is because of dental plague build-up. Your dental hygienist at the practice will use a dental plague removing tool to remove the plague and your teeth will shine again or not, in which case he might recommend teeth whitening.

Your dental hygienist at the practice will also screen you for an signs of oral cancer. In fact, he is the first line of defence against oral cancer. Most folks are not aware that oral cancer is actually curable provided it is detected early and the right person to do this for you is your dental hygienist at the practice.

Often times we do not know some of teeth (especially the ones at the back) have a problem because we cannot see them in the bathroom mirror. Examination by your dental hygienist on the other hand will reveal any hidden problems and he will recommend a course of action.

Once your teeth have been examined by the General Dentists at the practice, you can now go forth in the secure knowledge you have nothing to worry about – at least for the next six months. Also, you can now visit any dental hygienist at any clinic – you don’t necessarily have to be a patient there.

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