21 June 2017 – Kris Nahrgang is a spectacular and multilateral person that has great achievement in business career as well as art one. He has been called one of the best soapstone sculptors in North America and at the same time his successes in business world as impressive.

There are many people out there who possess incredible talents and keep surprising its fans with their amazing works. Whether you are a musician or a paint artist, or perhaps just an admirer of modern arts, you will always find time to enlighten yourself and become familiarized with great artists and their works.

Kris Nahrgang is one of the spectacular sculptors who will blow your mind with his carving works. He started practicing this unique and very special type of art in late 80’ and just as a hobby. However, today, he is called one of the best sculptures in USA. Kris has a very interesting and impressive biography, he is an Ojibway Treaty Indian, and moreover, he is a Chief of community and has been awarded an eagle feather, the highest honor a chief can receive. This tells a lot about his commitment and his tireless work as a community organizer and advocate. His style has a balance of innovative, modern and traditional elements. Also, a very captivating and impressive fact is that one of his pieces of work, “Spirit of the Earth” was presented to former U.S. President G. Bush. Another Kris’ pieces of arts nowadays hangs in Buckingham Palace. This is indeed pretty impressive and tells a lot about his abilities and talents. Among Kris’ accomplishments is the foundation of a Native Soapstone Sculpting Course, which is a successful healing program and brings great attention to Art Therapy. Kris regards himself as a “storyteller in stone” and he strives to combine in his works the use of traditional Native symbols and images with the outlook of a contemporary artist.

If you got interested to see and maybe even buy one, his works are available for sale through Spirit of the Stone, a gallery and studio business he owns and manages. It is easy to become an owner of this unique and special stone-carved art that additionally has so much history and soul in it. Do not hesitate to check it out yourself, you will be amazed and pleasantly surprised.

About Kris Nahrgang:
Kris Nahrgabg, a Kawartha Nishnawbe First Nation Chief, is an artist who creates pieces of arts by carving in stones. He is called one of the best carving artists in North America and has an extraordinary biography that will make you understand his keys to success.

Website: https://www.krisnahrgang.com/