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Recent research has announced the addition of the Global Biometric PoS Terminals Market is expected to register a CAGR of 27.81% during the period 2017 to 2021. Biometric POS terminals are POS terminals that have been integrated with the biometric technology. They are mainly used as payment gateways. Biometric data cannot be easily hacked as compared to PINs and passwords. A person’s identity can be authenticated using biometric technologies such as fingerprint identification, retina and iris recognition, palm vein identification, facial recognition, and voice recognition.

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Biometric PoS Terminals market is currently in enhancing its dynamics owing to its wide range of scope. The research methodology incorporated in the report helps new entrants to have a proper hold of the present industry scenario. In addition, the research discusses the countries that are leading in the industry within its geographical boundaries. It also explores key manufacturers of the industry, such as Bitel, Biyo, Crossmatch, DERMALOG Identification Systems, EKEMP INTERNATIONAL, Fujitsu, Ingenico Group, M2SYS, PayTango, OT-Morpho, SmartMetric, Sthaler, Verifone, Zvetco Biometrics and Zwipe. It also discussed other prominent vendors of the market are ACTAtek, Argus TrueID, ePortID and E&M TECHNOLOGIES. It explains the industry landscapes in terms of contribution made by the market, such as its revenue and its potential buyers & sellers. It incorporates the Porter’s Five Forces Analysis (PFFA) to understand competitive scenario among big market players. Based on regions, the research segments the industry into APAC, Europe, North America and ROW.

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The report assesses the factors that facilitate the growth of the global Biometric PoS Terminals market, such as Rise in fraud at merchant POS terminals and For a full, detailed list, view our report. It also evaluates the aspects that hinders the industry which are Absence of uniform standards and For a full, detailed list, view our report. It examines the impact of these factors upon the market. The study gives a considerable significance to the aspects that help to make predictions of the industry which includes industry trends. It provides a decision framework within which helps manufacturers to estimate future possible opportunities. It offers a competitive landscape of key vendors on the basis of criterions set by the experts. This helps the stakeholders to quickly scan the investment pockets. The report includes list of appendixes and abbreviations in the end. The research on the global Biometric PoS Terminals market enlists the abovementioned parameters in the form of exhibits.
The report takes a closer look at various characteristics that enables the manufacturers, stakeholders, and new entrepreneurs to estimate the consumer behavior of the global Biometric PoS Terminals market.

Table of Contents
PART 01: Executive summary
PART 02: Scope of the report
PART 03: Research Methodology
Market outline
Working of biometrics
Advantages and disadvantages of biometric technology in retail sector
PART 04: Biometric PoS Terminals Market landscape
Market overview
Market size and forecast
Five forces analysis
PART 05: Biometric PoS Terminals Market segmentation by technology
Market overview
PART 06: Geographical segmentation
Market size and forecast
Biometric POS terminals market in EMEA
Biometric POS terminals in Americas
Biometric POS terminals market in APAC
PART 07: Key leading countries
PART 08: Decision framework
PART 09: Drivers and challenges
Market drivers
Market challenges
PART 10: Biometric PoS Terminals Market trends
Growth of self-service market
Increased requirement for multimodal authentication
Increased use of biometric POS terminals in restaurants
Rising adoption of biometrics in schools
PART 11: Vendor landscape
Competitive landscape
PART 12: Key vendor analysis
DERMALOG Identification Systems
Ingenico Group
Zvetco Biometrics
Other prominent vendors
PART 13: Appendix