Aluminium powder is a fine granular powder which is odourless, light and flammable. It is generally available in four forms, namely, aluminium flake powder, atomised aluminium powder, aluminium paste and aluminium pigment powder. These forms may vary in size, shape and impurities.

Owing to the distinct properties of aluminium powder, it finds a broad range of applications in a number of industries such as metallurgy, chemicals, paints & pigments, explosives, construction and others. Some of the metallurgical applications of aluminium powder lie in the production of chromium metal and ferro-alloys, exothermic welding, etc. In the explosives industry, it is used as a blasting agent and rocket fuel. As aluminium powder is light in weight, its demand has been high in the construction sector where one of its uses include as an expanding agent in the lightweight concrete. Furthermore, in the paint industry, it is used in making reflective roof coatings, anti-corrosion paints and printing inks. Other applications are in the cosmetics and personal care products where it is used as a colouring agent and as a precursor for aluminium chlorohydrate and aluminium glycinate which are the constituents of deodorants and anti-perspirants.

According to a new report by Expert Market Research, the global aluminium powder market reached a volume of 607 Thousand Tons in 2016 and is further expected to reach a volume of 687 Thousand Tons by 2022. Growing urbanisation and industrialisation rates coupled with a rising demand in the end-use industries are some of the factors that have spurred the global demand for aluminium powder.

Key findings from the report:

The major end-use industries of aluminium powder are metallurgy, chemicals, paints & pigments, explosives, construction and others.

Some of the major markets are North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and others. Among these markets, North America accounted for the majority of the share in 2016.

Being moderately fragmented in nature, the global aluminium powder market is surrounded by some of the top players, namely, Alcoa, UC Rusal, Aluminium Powder Co Ltd., ECKA Granules and Toyal America Inc.

Expert Market Research has analysed the global aluminium powder market according to end-use, major regions and top players:

Market breakup by End-use

Paints & Pigments

Market breakup by Region

North America

Top Players

UC Rusal
Aluminum Powder Co Ltd.
ECKA Granules
Toyal America Inc.

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