Introducing the Sprung:

Adidas is a worldwide renowned name as far as quality sport products are concerned. By products, we mean not just the apparels but other sports equipment too, of which, watches have become a major part. However, these are not just the usual wrist-adorning pieces; Adidas watches can are counted as technologically advanced, performance gears that are designed to impress aesthetically to match a trendy lifestyle and also as serious sporting instruments.

The Adidas Sprung Digital Quartz ADP3212 Unisex Watch is no exception to this. Although it makes for a great sport instrument to track and improve your training progress, it also doubles up as a watch that can be worn casually for everyday activity.

What does it do?

The Adidas Sprung Digital Quartz ADP3212 Unisex Watch, apart from displaying regular time, day and date, acts as a stopwatch that tracks laps that you made and also the total time. It has a backlit LCCD screen, which ensures you can also use it in the dark.

What is it made from?

Rubber (for the case) and silicone (for the strap) combine together to give the Adidas Sprung Digital Quartz ADP3212 Unisex Watch its form, topped by a mineral crystal that covers the LCD. The materials have been chosen wisely to keep the watch as light as possible, without cutting down on durability. Besides, they keep it very easy to clean the watch and to make it very handy. They also make the design appear very sleek and preserve the iconic status that has earned Adidas its name in the sportswear arena.

Everything else about it:

The Adidas Sprung Digital Quartz ADP3212 Unisex Watch is more than a regular watch, for it does and withstands more than what a normal watch does. It has a bright LCD display that proves ideal for the sporty style and activities and adds the performance DNA to your lifestyle. It makes a great addition to your sports kit for its stopwatch, alarm and lap-time denoting features. Its lightweight, water-resistant design makes the Adidas Sprung Digital Quartz ADP3212 Unisex Watch suitable for all-weather training; its bright, backlit and easy-to-read digital dial offering legibility under all sorts of light conditions.

The Adidas Duramo XL Digital Quartz ADP3212 Unisex Watch has a sturdy and comfortable black strap that keeps it in place under demanding situations while the rubber case and a solid case-back with the mineral glass on the top makes the whole unit an unyielding one, no matter how hard you push your activities.

Who is it for?

The Adidas Performance Questra Digital Quartz ADP3212 Unisex Watch is made for athletes but appreciated by all who like a hassle-free, sturdy and long-lasting digital watch with something more than just timekeeping features to wear everyday; any time and at any place.