20 June 2017 – We are excited to announce that Mr. Kenneth T. Davis, PhD with George Washington University (GWU) has a new publication released today called the Better Business Book Volume 2. This is a #1 best-selling series from Author’s Unite where Dr. Davis outlines behavioral economics in a Chapter titled, Behavior Economics: Moving to a Service Economy too quickly. This is his follow up Chapter from last year titled, Assimilation: A Behavioral Economic Perspective. You can download a free kindle version (for a limited time) on Amazon. Professor Davis is also speaking at a Research Symposium July 15th in National Harbor Maryland on his behavioral economic model with a presentation called, Labeling Still Matters: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) & the Behavioral International Economic Development Growth Path Model (BIED-GPM).
Professor Kenneth T. Davis is a rising star in the academic world and has an interesting past. He is currently working on research in Lyme disease as it relates to the U.S. Veteran population. Professor Davis is a longtime supporter of U.S. veterans and U.S. military members, as a veteran himself. Captain Davis was a United States Marine Corps Officer in Fallujah Iraq during Operation Al Faher, the battle for Fallujah in 2004. His Bachelor of Science is in Asian Political Structures from Western Michigan University. He got his master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma with research in Chinese Energy Policy. Other graduate schools Kenneth has attended are the U.S. Marine Corps Command & Staff College, State Department’s Foreign Service Institute, and the Department of Defense’s National Defense University. He later went on to be a U.S. Foreign Service Officer and diplomat with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and worked as a NATO Economic Advisor to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
As a U.S. Presidential Management Fellow and with his PhD in public administration with research in Behavioral Economics, Dr. Davis worked performance budgets with the United States Treasury Department and covered the Terrorism & Financial Intelligence budget among others. After the Fellowship, Dr. Davis worked for the U.S. Army as the Senate Liaison Division Deputy Chief. In addition to his work with GWU, Professor Davis also sits as the Chairman of the Board of Regents to the BIED Society, the premier international affairs research think tank out of Washington D.C. – United States of America, London – United Kingdom, & Hong Kong – the People’s Republic of China. The BIED Society is currently taking International Affairs Research Fellowship applications. This is a two-year Fellowship program devoted to getting the fellows published. With a weekend conference in year one and a study abroad in year two, it is the ideal way for professionals in international affairs to sharpen their skills and hone their specialty. The famous Study Abroad Program is registering for next summer’s July-2018 Cruise to Cuba from Miami. Registration for the July 9-13th cruise is now open. The BIED Society has a Call for International Affairs Research Papers on topics from International Health Policy, International Development, International security, International Cyber Policy, Behavioral Economics, Air & Space Policy, International Energy Policy to name a few. All research papers are to be 10 pages, in American Psychological Association (APA) style and due Sept. 30th. The BIED Society International Affairs Research Conference registration is open for the Washington D.C. Oct. 27-29 Conference. If you want to get published on international affairs issues or become a Policy Commissioner, the BIED Society wants to hear from you.
Contact Person: Kenneth T. Davis
Email: chairman@biedsociety.com
Website: http://www.biedsociety.com/