When you smoke cannabis, one should ensure that the buds are absolutely dry. There are various reasons for insisting so. Let us see the importance of drying the marijuana buds and understand how to dry marijuana buds as well.

Marijuana plants are most effective when they are dry. The presence of water can reduce the potency of the smoke and thus you might just not get the desired kick out of smoking the buds. Hence, it becomes imperative to ensure that these buds are dry. There are three common methods of drying the buds.

The simplest method to follow is to hang them upside down. You can do so either indoors or outdoors. The cabinets or the cupboards can serve the purpose if you wish to hang them indoors. You have the option of drying them outdoors as well by hanging them under the sun in your garden place. However, you should note to keep some distance between the individual plants because the molds if any can affect the other plants as well.

You have the option of drying them in an electric heater as well. However, one should be very careful about using the right temperature. The microwave oven is also a nice place to dry them. However, the taste and smell can suffer if you use this method because of frequent contact between the different buds. The smoke also tends to be harsher when you use this method.

Therefore the cannabis cultivators usually adopt the outdoor drying method or use the services of a greenhouse incase the outdoor temperature conditions are not conducive for drying cannabis.

When it comes to outdoor drying, the debate about the quality of cannabis grown outdoors versus indoors continues. Many people have the opinion that indoor cultivation is the best. However, nothing can beat the natural sunlight as far as imparting the right conditions for growth are concerned. Hence, if you have the best natural facilities, it is always advisable to grow cannabis outdoors.

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