Health Refinishing is one of the most successful furniture refining companies in Dallas, TX. They are a family owned service provider and offering furniture refinishing since 2010 to their customers. Their founder Steven Heath is a skilled furniture restoration service provider who will give furniture repairing, refinishing and custom furniture building services at affordable cost. During their furniture refinishing process, they use a quality of wood to give the best quality of furniture to their customers and also their wood furniture workers can re-modify your furniture products according to your needs.

Furniture Refinishing
Nowadays buying new furniture is a very expensive one; so you can refinish your antique furniture and save your money instead of buying a new and expensive one. If you are planning to refinish your furniture, then Heath Refinishing is a highly recommended place to get a perfect result for refinishing your furniture. At Heath Refinishing, their skilled technicians will do the proper planning before start furniture refinishing and will provide a quality of service for your wood products.

Woodwork Services
Heath Refinishing provides all types of woodwork services to their valuable customers. Their skillful furniture refinishing team of will provides the following woodwork services:

• Furniture Refinishing
• Furniture Repair
• Cabinet Refinishing
• Stripping
• Sanding
• Staining

They also provide furniture maintaining services, such as the scratches and dents in the furniture, restoration, polishing the furniture, damages and the broken frames of the furniture and more. They understand the quality of your furniture; so they maintain the beauty of the furniture and refinishing it without replacing any major parts of your furniture.

About Heath Refinishing
Heath Refinishing is a well known furniture refining service provider in Dallas, TX. They have a well qualified furniture refinish technician Steven Heath, who can provide quality craftsmanship which satisfies their customers’ needs. With a skilled team of woodwork professionals, Heath Refinishing provides a guaranteed furniture refinishing services at affordable prices. In addition, they can provide long lasting furniture refinishing services without damaging the natural look of the furniture. To know more information about furniture refinishing in Dallas, visit

9441 Mimosa Rd,
Frisco, TX 75033
Phone: 972-658-8672