Crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status for the progress of his business is said to be a white collar crime and this crime does not involve hurting someone. If you are looking for a white collar criminal lawyer for accounting fraud charges in Virginia, then there are few things to be considered. Before choosing the lawyer for white collar criminal cases for accounting fraud charges, you have to decide if you are willing to share your personal details. The lawyer you are choosing should have desirable years of experience in handling cases of your type. The next essential factor is cost. The lawyer should be able to tell you the estimation of cost for your case and it should be pleasing. Additionally, they should provide a free consultation of your case before handling it. Only then they can get the idea about the case. They should be vigorous and provide creative advocacy and should bring out positive outcomes.
White Collar Criminal Cases
White collar crimes are non- violent crime, done by business people or government officials for financial reasons. In white collar crime, the paper trail of as evidence is considered as the evidence by investigators. The crime involves,
• Forgery
• Money laundering
• Insider trading
• Bribery
• Copyright infringement
• Identity theft
• Commodities and securities fraud
• Embezzlement

The punishments of this case include fines, prison punishment, restitution and criminal forfeiture. When considering white collar crimes, its legal principles and procedures are same as for other cases accompanied by its protection and rights are also unchanged. People don’t get arrested and charged immediately. When a person is subjected to white collar criminal case, then the investigation for that takes a long process and the victim will informed about the investigation only after the filing and submission of the formal charge. Most commonly, white collar crime come under the jurisdiction of state. But many times, they are subject to multiple state jurisdictions and they are then prosecuted at a federal level. Before getting into investigation, it is better to hire an experienced lawyer who has at least 10 years of experience in handling white collar criminal defense cases. They should be vigorous and should bring positive outcomes. Based on the type of your case, you can hire public defender or white collar crime attorney. You can get more details about white collar crime investigation here