For the businesses looking to expand to mobile, SMS marketing can prove to be the most effective medium. This is an underrated marketing medium yet a powerful one. It is quick, easy and cost effective. Also, with a major part of the population using mobile today, businesses should consider investing in this form of marketing so as to make the most of their marketing efforts. Here are the best tricks to enhance your SMS marketing campaign:

Provide opt-ins:

Obtaining customers mobile information and signing them up right away is more like misusing that information. The correct way is to ensure that you provide an opt-in so as to have their conscent for sending targeted marketing messages.

Identify your goals:

The success of your SMS marketing campaign majorly depends upon the identification of your goals and target audience. This is so because it helps create valuable results-driven messages.

Integrate CRM with SMS campaign:

When you send the same cut and paste message to your entire database, you are at a risk of alienating your user base. In order to eliminate this risk, you need to ensure that your CRM is connected to your SMS campaign.

Prioritize SMS CTA:

Prioritizing your CTA in your marketing messages is yet another method of enhancing your SMS marketing campaign. Further, consider capitalizing the keyword and short code to make them stand out within the call-to-action. This will make the customers recognize and understand what to do.

Keep it simple:

Keeping your SMS short, sweet and simple helps connect with the audience effectively. Just as your call to action should be clear and concise. Make sure that you create an upto the point, simple and effective message within the given limit of 160 characters.

Be consistent:

Firstly you need to make sure that your marketing messages are sent at opportune times. Thereafter you have to take care of the consistency. You can experiment with timing and see what time suits the best for your campaign. Similarly, being consistent can help deliver just exactly that’s needed.