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DUI is known as driving under the influence of intoxication and it is considered as a crime that can lead severe legal action. The Law Office of Michael I. Gowdey is one of the best attorney firms, who have more than 23 years of experience in handling DUI and DWI case for the people in Las Vegas. Our leading attorney Mr. Gowdey has got many awards for his incomparable service to the each of their clients. They give best suitable suggestions to the clients and provide the best support in the courtroom. The DUI attorneys of Gowdey law firm will always thoroughly analyze the case and prove their clients side justification with strong evidence.

Saving the Client’s Legal Rights
As they have many years of experience, they can easily find the way to escape you from the criminal DUI case. At the initial consultation, they study your case completely to understand and explain you the possible legal problems with your case. They will ask you some necessary questions such as what are the evidence collected by the police office, whether police officer follows all the rules at the time of arresting you or not, sobriety test conducted by proper procedure or not and etc.

Finding strong evidence
After getting the answers to the question they asked, DUI attorneys of Michael I. Gowdey law firm will go through your case for in-depth analysis and they can make a big evidence even from a small clue. In Courtroom arguments produce the evidence will valuable points. Added to this, they will focus on increasing the weakness of the police side evidence. As they are very transparent to the clients, they are very trusted among the people in Las Vegas, NV.

About Law Office of Michael I. Gowdey
Law Office of Michael I. Gowdey is very proficient and earning good reputation among their clients and the legal associations. They are providing friendly services to the clients, which can make their clients more confident. The attorney of this firm is very dedicated and promised to achieve client satisfaction at the end result. They have well practiced attorneys, who have special training on DUI case. So they are well versed in the DUI lawsuits and they will not hesitate to appear in the court to give best defensive arguments. For more information, visit

815 South Casino Center Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89101-6718

Phone: 702-471-0321 or 702-471-6684

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