April, 2017 | Mumbai: The field of facial plastic surgery has much gratitude for Dr. Debraj Shome and his many contributions towards developing and honing the skills of budding doctors and professionals – getting them ready for becoming the future flag bearers of this niche medical super specialty. His dedication towards advancement of his field is evident in the many ways he regularly contributes towards the cause. One of the most recent ways in which Dr. Shome is planning to develop future surgeons is his new instruction module – a seven-day training course in Non-surgical facial rejuvenation for doctors in India. If you belong to the field of cosmetic surgery or are planning to make a career in it, this is one opportunity that you shouldn’t miss out on! Enroll for the course today by visiting Oculoplastic-Eyelid-Orbit-Surgery.com.

Dr. Debraj Shome is a world renowned expert in the field of ophthalmic and facial plastic surgery. He specializes in a number of procedures and treatments including non-surgical facial rejuvenation, eyelid surgery for ptosis & eye lid diseases, orbital & socket surgery, ocular oncology treatments, false eye fitting and various other oculoplastic and cosmetic surgeries.

In a recent interview, the PR representative of Dr. Debraj Shome said, “You can join Dr. Debraj and delve, head-first, into the interesting and ever-evolving world of cosmetic procedures like botox, filler injections, facial threads and laser based treatments for non-surgical facial rejuvenation. This is a seven day training course aimed to help doctors, students and medical professionals understand the various nuances involved in these procedures and master the skills that are necessary to administer treatments safely and satisfactorily on patients.”

The new training program launched by Dr. Debraj covers a variety of treatments and solutions that fall under the category of non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Everyone, from general surgeons to plastic surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons, ophthalmologists and even dermatologists, cosmetologists and dental surgeons will be benefited from this training course.

For more information on Dr. Debraj Shome or to check out the details of this seven day course, visit http://oculoplastic-eyelid-orbit-surgery.com/.

About Doctor:

Dr. Debraj Shome is a world-renowned oculoplastic surgeon. He is the founder of The Esthetic Clinic with Dr. Rinky Kapoor, an internationally renowned dermatologist. This clinic is one of the best centres in the world for cosmetic surgery and skin care treatment. The clinic has treated patients from around the world for various skin conditions and performed restorative surgeries.

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