Story Structure: Crafting a Plot that Begs the Reader to Keep Reading

How proper structure is necessary for a story to work
Why conflict is the key to any story, regardless of genre
The three pillars of plot that support your story
The best ways to build complications that make sense and increase the conflict
Living, Breathing Characters: Make Your Heroes and Villains Come Alive

In this lesson you’ll learn:

Techniques to design and execute character arcs in your stories
How to give your heroes larger-than-life qualities
The proper use of backstory and how to provide context to your characters’ actions
How to create villains that your readers love to hate
Pacing: Getting to the Climax is Just as Important as Having a Good One

In this lesson you’ll learn:

How to craft an effective hook to open your story
The importance of adding tension to every page
Why so many books sag in the middle – and what you can do to prevent it from happening to yours
Five ways to craft a knock-out ending
Action Scenes: It’s a Gun Fight not a Ballet

In this lesson you’ll learn

The basics of a fight: emotion, adrenaline, and tactics
Armed and unarmed fighting for writers
Structuring your fight scene so it leaves the reader breathless
Does it make sense? Understanding anatomy and how the body responds to being punched, pulled and crushed

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