Muslims of United States IHR – Non-Profit Peace & Anti-War Association

30 May 2017 – Muslims of United States IHR is a non-profit peace & anti-war association founded by open minded and free intelectual shia muslims & graduate scholars for removing the poorness of knowledge about Islam through cultural and scholar activities on islam religion. The main goal of this association is to build a wordlwide scientific image of Islam and Muslims as it was advises by Muhammad prophet in Quran.
Islam is the path indicated by Allah Almighty. This is the only way that leads humanity to happiness in both worlds. And knowledge is the soul of Islam. Just as a body without a soul decomposes, and Islam without knowledge is in decline. The hadith says: “Knowledge is the soul of Islam and the support of religion”. The enemies of Islam enjoy a lack of Islamic knowledge among the majority of Muslims. The Quran, the hadith, the Shariah they use against Muslims. Tearing out the verses of the Quran and hadith from the context, leading them inappropriately and not to the time, they use them to confirm their beliefs, suggesting to people that the Quran and hadiths are on their side. Today, sectarians publish and distribute among Muslims various leaflets and brochures compiled in this way. The information war waged by Muslims against the Muslims is much more terrible and destructive than a war with weapons in hand. The only weapon that can resist enemies in this information war is knowledge.
The sources of such knowledge are Islamic broadcasts on television and radio, Islamic newspapers and majlises (meetings), Islamic lessons that take place in mosques, approved Islamic books and other literature, Islamic educational institutions in which both children and adults can learn. One of such televisions which shows the truth about Islamic knowledge is Revealer TV. Revealer TV main goal is to light up the world with true Islam knowledge and fight against terrorism and ignorance. On website Muslims of United States IHR you can watch videos from Revelaer TV and learn about Meaning of Allah, Meaning of Islam, Meaning of Suras and much more.
About Muslims of United States IHR:
Muslims of United States IHR is a non-profit organization with a goal to show the world the true Islam knowledge and spread it among people. On the website of this organization can be found book researches, information about seminars, projects, activities and everything related to the true knowledge of Islam.

Company Name: Muslims of United States IHR

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