Los Angeles, USA – 30 May 2017 – Instagram has long been the leader of social network photographs. It remains to be a strong contender on the social network market and has a long history of integrating hashtags in a meaningful way. These hashtag technologies has allowed the company to quickly make huge databases on focused tags that would present people with the topics that they would like. The hashtag isn’t a new thing but ultimately it has only been rightfully integrated by Twitter and Instagram up to this point.

Instagram photo search by hashtags was not possible to get done by using the browser site of the network. It has been decided by the creators of the network that the Instagram formula would only be available on the mobile devices. The guys from Goolpix had another idea: to bring the functionality of the mobile device to the desktop or laptop computer and they have succeeded greatly at the task. Nowadays it’s possible to browse all of the desired hashtags just by going to their web page. Using the service is more than simple: just write the desired hashtag into the search box at the top of the page.

The site is already presenting you the most popular hashtags of the day so that the user can explore to his heart’s extent all of the major topics that have been discussed on this social network at that point in time. This allows journalists to get a better feel of the Instagram photo search by hashtags trends so that they can pick up hot stories right from the web site. When the user is searching for one hashtag but he’s not sure he has entered the right thing then the site smartly gives several more choices that might be more on the spot.

Using such extended functionality is something mind blowing for such a small and free site. That’s correct nobody has to pay anything as to get the full access to the Instagram photo search by hashtags – Goolpix has made it totally free and the competitors are hating them for such a business model. Their gross profits are coming from the ads that are being posted here and there on the page. Thanks to those as this service is going to be free in the foreseeable future. Such a site is brining a huge benefit for the fans of Instagram and not only.

Company: Goolpix
Web site: http://www.goolpix.com/