It’s that time of the year that kids eagerly wait for – summer vacations. While some enjoy the trips to their hometown, others enjoy the leisure of waking up late. For many kids, the most exciting part of the vacations are the summer camps where they can practice their hobby. Sesame Street Preschools in Delhi have planned an exciting annual summer camp, KALAKRITI. The camp started on May 17, 2017 is taking place in Sesame Street Preschool situated in Ghitorni and Pitampura. This year at Camp Sesame, kids are exploring and experiencing different professions like budding artist, chefs, discoverers and farmers.

Camp Sesame is designed for children aged 2 to 8 years and. During the camp children are engaged in age-appropriate art techniques as they work with colours, shapes, textures, designs and forms as they create their own masterpieces. They are learning various art techniques using both conventional and non-conventional medium like paper, paint, foam, starch etc. There are sessions on no fire cooking which will help children develop an understanding of making healthy food choices and expose them to numeracy concepts of weight, measure etc. The Khojak,(Little Discoverers) programme introduce children to the ever engaging world of science with age-appropriate fun experiments. This gives them a hands-on, project-based learning where they discover the, ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’s’ of their world. The urban farming programme- Bagbani encourages children to be the little environmentalist while it exposes them to create their own indoor farms, engage in nature crafts, recycle and reuse resources. All these programmes will be interwoven with lots of play, games, songs and dances.

Mona Singh, Vice President, Sesame Schoolhouse says, “We recognise how significant it is for your child to have an entertaining, dynamic, enriching and learning summer experience. That’s why at Camp Sesame we have planned an agenda full of exhilarating activities built on fun themes that help in children’s physical, language, socio-personal, socio-emotional, numeracy and science concepts development. Kids will learn new art techniques, discover the world around them through fun science experiment and will reconnect to the nature. We have also kept in mind the different age groups of children attending the camp. Hence all activities are designed thoughtful of the level of knowledge and understanding of children at each age level.”

Urban parents are on a constant lookout for relevant and credible solutions and support for providing holistic learning to their children. Sesame Street Preschool goes beyond just ABCs and 123s to instil the skills of ideation, confidence, communication, and collaboration – skills that are needed not just for school but for life. The teachers and staff are highly trained educators who specialise in creating fun, lasting memories for children of all ages.