Deck- – Manufactures a compliant Deck Rail system as a substitute to Cable Rail

Deck Rail.Com is one of the leading Deck Rail manufactures in California. Cable rail is out fashioned and not in trendy, so the Deck Company came up with a new Deck Rail system, which is named as “Wedge Lock 3000” as a better alternative to the Traditional Cable deck railings. Wedge Lock 3000 is a Patented System by Company.

Traditional Cable Rail

Cable rails are mostly used Deck Railing system in earlier days in almost every part of the world to protect the people to prevail falling from the decks. Cable rails are old fashioned and sometimes not up to mark to wave with the current technology and modern building structures. The Cable Railings have sleeker look and almost have Invisible cables which turn out to be dangerous sometimes. Another major flaw in it is Cable getting sags after some period and those visible fasteners look weird and rust if it is made of cheap metals. And litigation in using the Cable Railing is that The California Building code has set up a standard for the cable railing, if the cable railing doesn’t hold up 50-lb weight without bowing, then you can’t code.

Wedge Lock 3000

Wedge Lock 3000 is a patented Deck Railing system by, which is an innovative deck rail system aimed and developed as a better substitute for the Traditional cable rail system. After years of seeing that cable rails didn’t meet code and deteriorated over time, they developed the ‘Wedge lock 3000’, a cable rail alternative that passed inspection and stands the test of time.
This system offers the customers who want a contemporary and stylish deck rail for their modern building structures and their majestic decks in their home. Unless like in cable railings, wedge Lock 3000 has fewer posts, smaller posts, No visible fasteners and floating corners. It can be easily installed as their no on- site work or welding. And also Wedge Lock 3000 is environment friendly as it’s made up of 25% recycled Aluminum materials.

About is a Family owned Manufacturing and Pre-Engineering company based in Emeryville, California. They have more than 50 years of experiences in designing, fabricating and installing their reliable metal works. They ship their metal works for than 50 states in the United States. Their Wedge Lock 3000 is an impeccable Deck rail system which can be a better replacement for the customers to traditional cable rails and give their home a stylish look. They are also expertise in pre-manufacturing of Gates, Shoe Base Railing, Handrails, Stairs, LED Caprail system and Glass Railing. To know more, visit

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